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Case : Mahindra Formula E display set-up at T2, Mumbai

“The set-up was designed to display Mahindra’s Formula E racing car. The product we had to display was fantastic, and the set-up had to match up to its profile. “

Jan 5 2019, Rolling Banners in association with Rapportww put up a display set-up at Mumbai Airport Terminal 2. The set-up was designed to display Mahindra’s Formula E racing car. The product we had to display was fantastic, and the set -up had to match up to its profile. 


Following is what goes in designing a display set-up:


Brand Brief: Electric cars on India roads is about to become a reality. Mahindra has its own line-up of E-Cars in production pipeline. This set-up was targeted towards premium car buyers to give them glimpses of Mahindra’s achievements in core R&D in E-Mobility space.

The Challenge: Mahindra’s formula E car is really stunning to look at. Anyone who would see it would say, “it’s a damn good formula one car.”  That was precisely our challenge. The set-up has to communicate that the beast is all electric.

The Design: We followed the minimalistic design fundamentals so that the viewers’ attention is not strayed here and there. A flat LED screen would make the backdrop for the set-up and the Mahindra Rise logo would shine on the top left corner. Size of the logo was contained to an extent that it expresses confidence not pomposity. Good amount of space around the vehicle was kept vacant so that nothing hinders viewers to absorb the beautiful sharp curve of the vehicle. The glass railing tantalized audience as they were forced to watch it with some distance. The floor was the place where magic happened. It was all electrified. The sharply cut electric circuit on the floor subtly made it clear to the viewers that the beast is all electric.

3D Render of the Mahindra Setup

The Elements: Most of the elements (like LED backdrop, railing, logos etc.) were pretty straightforward from fabrication POV, but the floor was the challenge. It has to carry 1000 KG load on a glossy finish surface hosting lighting groove arrays throughout the body structure. The circuit lighting has to be spot-less. We experimented with LED modules and strip lights but finally fixated on the rope lighting for the circuit. The floor contained 5 layers of different materials (i.e. Wood, MDF, Acrylic, and spacers) to achieve desired strength and finish. The electrical circuit groove’s width and depth was measure to the tune of millimetres to achieve the visual desired effect.

(Clockwise) 1. Power Boost Module, 2. Logo Block Letters, 3. Electric base while in making

Execution: In such delicate jobs, a lot rides on workmanship. It took out team almost 30 Hours straight stretch to pull it off exactly as imagined. At airports, typically space is a constraint. Hence, all the elements were pre-fabricated into arrangeable formats. Circuiting, lighting and finishing was carried out at the site.

“It was a phenomenal success. Many stopped by to click pictures and shared it on social media.”

Results: It was a phenomenal success. More than 10% of the overall crowd stopped by to click pictures. Average visitor time spend was more than 20 Seconds. Average set-up traffic per day was approx. 10000 visitors. We had more than 3 Lakhs visitors and at least 3x more impressions. Thousands of unrelated parties shared pictures of the set-up on social media. For the time it was there, it was the main attraction of the Chattarpati Shivaji Mumbai International Airport.

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