Cost And Performance Comparison Of Signage Types

Choice of signage used for the retail branding depends on many factors, knowing them helps brand in getting better exposure.

Whenever a company decides on a retail branding initiative, one big choice to make is decide on materials to be used for signage. There are typically three broad categories to choose from. We will discuss the relative pros and cons of these with approximate cost implications.

Flex Boards

Glow Sign Box

Acrylic Signboard

Flex Boards

Flex boards refers to flex mounted on iron/aluminium frame. Typical advantage of these boards lies in their economics. These are most widely used for dealers and shop boards by cement, tyre, lubricant and FMCG companies where monthly work volume is generally in the tune of 10,000 – 1,00,000 sq.ft. 

For application in limited work volume, you can consider following rates as benchmarks.

  1. Standard Flex Boards with MS frame: 110 Rs/sq.ft.
  2. Flex board with Aluminium Frame: INR 130 Rs/sq.ft.
  3. Flex board with 3 Yrs Warranty Flex and pasted over with Vinyl Cut-outs: INR 220 Rs/sq.ft.


These are easy to install and economical. Due to their light weight, they can be installed with ease at almost every place with little investment on installation.


These are not lit from inside hence fail to give the premium impression given by Glow Sign Box or Acrylic signs.

Glow Sign Box – Flex

  • These are most widely used signage configuration in India. The composition of GSB typically consists of a 3D metal cuboid frame fitted with tube lights. The sides and the back portion of this frame is covered with metal sheet and front side is mounted with flex. Inside lighting gives a premium appearance to GSB signage. These are most widely used by Banks.

For limited volume application, benchmark cost of a GSB is as follows:

1.       Standard GSB with metal frame: 300 Rs/sqft

2.      GSB with Aluminium frame and powder coating of metal sheet: 350 Rs/sqft

3.    GSB with 3 Yrs Warranty Flex and pasted over with Vinyl Cut-outs: 500 Rs/sqft


There appearance is quite pleasing to eyes which give a premium flavour to brand.


Maintenance of GSBs is a challenge. Typically, they require maintenance every 18 months.

Installation cost is more than that of a flex boards as they are fragile and are to be handled with skill during installation. It is difficult to attain sharp curves and edges with good finishing in GSBs. 

Flex is damaging to environment, local governments are putting up sanctions against the use of flex

Acrylic Signboard

  • Acrylic is a plastic material which gets illuminated when light passes through it. Acrylic signages offers powerful and premium appearance and are typically appreciated for their long life. These are most widely used by retail apparel brands, chain of salons and other premium retail chains. These are typically manufactured in two varieties from cost point of view:

Block Letter Acrylic Signage – INR 1100 Rs/sqft

Stancil Cut Acrylic Signage – INR 800 Rs/sqft


Long life, requires no maintenance for about initial 4-5 years. 

Rust resistant (use of aluminium in back frame instead of iron.) They can be fabricated in complex shape and their appearance can be taken to great exotic levels with creative use of lighting and acrylic materials.  

Colour oxidation rate is much slower than that of prints. Typically, good quality acrylics can retail colour for 3-5 years.


Costlier than flex boards. 

Can’t lit the whole panel in case of Acrylic signages which typically is the case with flex GSBs.

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