Mistakes to avoid while signing up a retail branding partner

 72% of the consumers reported that they entered a store they have never before just because of its signage. Yes, that’s true. Yes, it is that important.  

A good store appearance can rock your sales or it can play a spoilsport. With an evolving lifestyle pattern, points of purchase are becoming more of a destination. To win the consumers from those nagging e-commerce nudges, store experience is required to be carefully designed and meticulously executed. 

Followings are the mistakes to avoid while signing up a retail branding partner before you plan your next phase of expansion.  

The inherent issues in the branding industry: The Pitfalls

Material abuse – Lighting problems

Use of  cheaper lights instead of more reliable makers like Samsung, Osram and LT which last 3-5 years. These lights have tendency of dimming intensity with time and abruptly going bad at any point. Next time when you are walking down a street and observe spottiness in signages, tell the store owner that he is being cheated with inferior lighting. 

The quality of other materials (like Acrylic, ACP, Vinyls etc.) is also compromised at times, there are many cheaper acrylic and ACP options available in the market which do not have the same sheen and finish. When a store intends to attract high ticket purchases, these small details can be detrimental for the store performance.

  • How to Avoid: Its always better to freeze material specification with reasonable clarity and insist on getting material warranty certificates. All material manufacturers generally provide a warranty certificate against the purchase of their materials from an authorised dealers.

Material & design inter-relationship

When the design team make the creatives and make suggestions on the elements for installation, they are not aware about the limitations in fabrication with respect to different types of materials. The kind of shapes that can be cut using acrylic or ACP, the need for certain minimum depth & width of letters for appropriate lighting needs to be considered. For things to work seamlessly in this direction, the design team should have a know-how of execution and have an experience of the complete cycle.

  • How to avoid: Ask your converters to showcase their distinguished work. It is generally a good sign if your convertor employs a dedicated design team to produce innovative branding and product display elements.

Lack of professionalism

  • There are some common issues that arise out of poor workmanship. Some of them are poor finishing on edges, scratches during fabrication, folds are not as sharp, joints not sealed well enough which leads to water seepage and dust deposition.

  • How to avoid: The best way to avoid this is to have converter’s warranty against workmanship defects for s specified period post installation.

Shortsightedness in budgeting (Lifetime cost of materials is not considered)

While assigning budget to a location’s branding, the timeline needs to be considered. If a touch point is going to be functional for 5-10 years, then budgeting has to be done accordingly and materials with long term warranty have to be used. This may turn out to be more expensive in the short term, but makes sense for the longer term. You may not want to put up a glow sign box around a touchpoint that is going to be there for coming 5-10 years, ACP-Acrylic signage might be a better option. But, a number of times, due to internal budget constraints, marketers end-up making wrong calls.

Budget |
  • How to avoid: Categorise your touch points to be branded in such a way that the permanent and performing touchpoints are branded with 3-5 years warranty specifications and the temporary touchpoints are branded with temporary elements.

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