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Mobile Billboards

Experience the transit media revolution.

Mobile Billboards

Experience the transit media revolution.

Breakout of the clutter of traditional media spaces
with mobile billboards


Mobile Billboards deliver communication into deep interiors of a city where there is no other media present, commanding uncontested audience attention.


Large exhibit area (approximately 40 sq. ft. per side) allows viewer to see, read, comprehend and, in some cases, react to the message in the time that it takes to pass by


Benefits of a static hoarding near delivery points (societies, institutions, corporate parks etc.) as the vehicle gets parked for deliveries. 30+ delivery points per day.


Communicate with viewers at their eye level. It helps in engaging the customer better as he/she doesn't have to make an extra effort to absorb the message.

Our Best-Seller Fleet Types

Intra-City Promotion

Metros & Tier 1 Cities Only

Fleet Type : Mini Trucks (Tata Ace, Pick-up etc.)

Display area – 80 Sq. ft. 

LCV Billboards plants your communication deep into the city as they go out for delivery in societies, institution and corporate parks. Average running time is 12 Hrs a day and travel about 60 Kms per day.

Inter-City Promotion

Upcountry Pan India

Fleet Type: Heavy Duty Container Trucks

Display area – 540 Sq. Ft. 

HCV billboards are apt for national campaigns because these fleets pass through multiple cities, villages and highways catching eyeballs along the way. Alongside, their cost advantage is difficult to match as they offer humongous space at reasonable price.

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A Scalable Media Available in Every Nook & Corner of India

  • 16000+ Trucks in 32 Cities
  • All fleets are tracking enabled
  • Tie-up with major E-commerce delivery fleet (Ekart, Amazon, Delhivery etc.)

Raising Industry Standards with Transparent Reporting

  • Live Tracking: Get a live dashboard access to monitor your campaign
  • Heat Maps: Know where your trucks were promoting when you were not watching them over
  • Sequential Reporting:  Reporting of artwork maintenance over a period of campaign duration

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