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Signages in Trend

Block Acrylic Letters

Powerful appearance and long-range visibility.

Acrylic is translucent material that has a marvelous chemistry with light. Block letter acrylic signage which are typically lit from inside appear to be bold and fresh. Sharpness of appearance can be controlled by choosing different opacity material for the face and the lining. 3D letters protruding out from a surface leaves a lasting memory impression about your outlet. These are truly in trend and deserves the limelight.

Be aware that 3D block letters will inevitably be clogged with dust around sharp corners. Water may seep in from poorly sealed edges and corner and damage internal wiring. Hence, quality workmanship plays a most important role in crafting acrylic block letter signage.

stencil letter logo

Stencil Cut ACP Signage

Sharp and Elegant. Requires less maintenance.

These are for the people who adore minimalism. Stencil cut signage requires lesser maintenance as there is little room for dust and water to seep in. Laser beam cut-out on an opaque sheet makes way for the light to come out at a sharp straight angle. The other facade elements of the signage are totally invisible if there is no external light reflecting off its surface. Imagine your brand name to be glittering in a dark surrounding and appearing to be comfortably resting in mid-air without any support.

metal letter signage

Metal Signage

Hallmark of premium and heritage

For businesses selling big ticket offerings, metal signage are more of a necessity. Metal incites a perception of maturity and core strength. For businesses which are existing for a long time and derive brand equity from their heritage, metal signage are must have. Because metal signage can be lit only from the back side, lighting is used to create a shadow effect around the edges. Metal sheets are available in a variety of surface finish and coatings. These are long lasting and seldom require maintenance. Re-polishing of the surface after every 3 years is good enough to keep them going.

Roof Top Signage

Super long range visibility. States dominance.

When it comes to visibility range, roof top signs has no competition. They are great to make your business presence felt around your locality. There is practically no limit on how big the roof top signage can be but the typical letter height is about 10 Ft. Roof top signage are consistently listed as a separate category because their fabrication process is quite different from the wall signage. Due to their large size and heavy weight; structural stability, electrical circuit design, and ensuring consistent lighting requires some degree of specialized skill set and sophistication in workmanship. 

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