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TATA Harrier debuts at
St. Regis Hotel in Mumbai

Case : TATA Harrier Display


May 7 2019, Rolling Banners in association with TATA Motors put up a display set-up at Mumbai St. Regis Hotel. The set-up was designed to display TATA Harrier, a new flagship car. The minimalistic set-up design embraced and amplified the appeal of the product as the viewer admired its stunning beauty while it was presented in a carefully crafted backdrop.

Following is what goes in designing a display set-up:

1. Brand Brief

Tata Harrier was unveiled in the Auto Expo 2018 as H5X concept. Since then the product has garnered a tremendous response from the customers and auto experts. The interest in the product has been increasing with every passing day. The new SUV, built on the new Impact 2.0 Design philosophy and OMEGARC architecture, which has been derived from Land Rover’s D8 architecture promises to be a game changer in the Indian SUV market and pave entirely new standards for SUVs in India. Tata Motors launched this product in early 2019, and it has received an overwhelming response.

2. The Challenge

The briefing was given on 3rd May from TATA Motors team & we had just 2 working days to pull this off along with the conceptualization, ideation, setup creation & execution. TATA Harrier is really stunning in looks & we had to create the set-up in such a way as to highlight each & every aspect of the car & making it look the highlight of the awards show for the evening.

3.The Design

We followed the minimalistic design fundamentals so that the viewers’ attention is not strayed here and there. A background comprising of Glow Sign Board which was lit to avoid any shadow effect & at the same time giving a premium look to the backdrop. Size of the logo was contained to an extent that it expresses confidence not pomposity. Good amount of space around the vehicle was kept vacant so that nothing hinders viewers to absorb the beautiful sharp curve of the vehicle. The focus lights used on all the corners of the setup helped focus on the white color of the car & bring out the best of visual experience to the pleasing eyes of the audience present at the awards show.

4. The Elements

Most of the elements (GSB) were pretty straightforward from fabrication POV, but the lighting was the challenge. It was an evening event & the setup was being displayed on the balcony of 9th floor of the St. Regis Hotel. Wooden platform was used that comprised of MDF, Aluminum skirting to give a smooth & premium finishing to the edges of the setup along with Matt finish flooring. A podium was used with vinyl branding along with multiple spot lights & pole lights. Since lighting was an issue, we requested for a white color TATA Harrier which would help enhance the whole place along with 12 ft. pole lights that were completed focused on the car & reflecting a very radiant look to the whole location during such an award winning event night.

5. Execution

In such delicate jobs, a lot rides on workmanship. It took out team almost 15 Hours straight stretch to pull it off exactly as imagined. All the elements were pre-fabricated into arrange able formats. Circuiting, lighting and finishing were carried out at the site.

“It was a phenomenal success. Many celebs present at the awards show stopped by to click pictures and shared it on social media.”

6. Results

It was a phenomenal success. More than 35% of the overall crowd stopped by to click pictures. Average visitor time spend was more than 60 Seconds. Thousands of unrelated parties shared pictures of the set-up on social media. For the time it was there, it was the main attraction of the Awards Show at St. Regis Hotel, Mumbai.

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